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Quaquare di Genola
Genola Quaquare


Genola Quaquare

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Prodotto Agroalimentare Tradizionale (PAT) – Typical Food Farming Product. Updated list of traditional Piedmontese food farming products.


Quaquare are heart-shaped biscuits, a name in dialect meaning May bugs, beetles that once invaded the countrysides, and, according to some, these biscuits recall the shape of these beetles. According to others, they are so called because they were traditionally prepared in May, the month May bugs take flight.

The ingredients needed to prepare Quaquere are: soft wheat flour, butter, sugar, egg whites and lemon rind.

Quaquere are produced in ordinary confectionery workrooms, in conformity with the current regulations utilising normal equipment.

Area of production

Quaquere are produced in the commune of Genola and in neighbouring towns.


Quaquere are the typical sweet product of Genola and were once made in the month of May, on the feast day of the patron Saint Martian. The biscuits thus produced were then stored all year long in special “burnie” (glass airtight jars), which maintained their original fragrance.

A part of this tradition has been maintained, as the people of Genola organise an annual celebration run by volunteers, during which each family prepares the pastry at home, and the biscuits are then baked in a common oven.

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