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Patate della Valle Belbo
Valle Belbo Potato


Valle Belbo Potato

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Patata Valle Belbo

Valle Belbo Potato: Typical food-farming product


This is the case of the Valle Belbo potato, the tubers of which are characterised by the size, medium-small, and by its particular organoleptic characteristics, which make it suitable to be eaten fresh. In fact, the sandy and hilly soils of the region of production, as well as the impossibility to irrigate, in view of the hilly nature of the region, supply utmost organoleptic consistency giving it an inimitable flavour that cannot be the case in other areas. Furthermore, cultivation in hilly and mountain areas (up to 900 m) make it possible to reduce to the minimum the phytosanitary interventions necessary, thus increasing the natural characteristics of the product. The above-mentioned cultivation methods permit potato production and commercialisation according to organic production methods. Many are the varieties cultivated, even if in the last few years, thanks to the activity of the “Consorzio per la valorizzazione e tutela delle patate dell’Alta Valle Belbo”, they are trying to bring back the old varieties.

Belbo Valley has always been characterised by this cultivation, especially the Commune of Mombarcaro, which was particularly privileged thanks to the quality and flavour of its potatoes. Many years ago, there was a strong demand for Mombarcaro potatoes in nearby Liguria; producers still go to the Ligurian markets to sell their product and manage to fetch a higher price because of the particular attention buyers pay to potatoes grown in Belbo Valley. However, we must not forget that in the past, “local” varieties were grown, which today have practically disappeared; there is still some information on their production given by the local elderly people; the Consortium’s work consists of looking for some sporadic presence of old varieties and to reintroduce them if possible.

On August 20 th 1998, the “Consorzio per la valorizzazione e tutela delle patate dell’Alta Valle Belbo” was founded in Mombarcaro, with the objective of protecting, developing and increasing the production, as well as selling “Patate dell’Alta Valle Belbo”, in order to defend and sustain the valleys’ productions which need to be safeguarded.

Area of production

The production area corresponds to the communes of Montezemolo, Sale delle Langhe, Sale San Giovanni, Camerana, Paroldo, Mombarcaro, Murazzano, San benedetto Belbo, Niella Belbo, Feisoglio, Cravanzana, Bosia, Castino, Roascio, Torresina, Castellino Tanaro, Igliano, Marsaglia.

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