Tomino delle Valli Saluzzesi

Tomino delle Valli Saluzzesi
Tomino delle Valli Saluzzesi


Tomino dalle Valle Saluzzesi

Seal of quality

Typical food-farming product. (PAT)


Very fresh cheese made from whole cow’s milk with a very soft and humid texture. The cheese normally weighs between 100 – 200 g.

It comes in a cylindrical shape and in variable sizes, with flat faces 30 cm in diameter, and straight circumference 8 – 10 cm in height, weighing from 2 to 8 kg per whole cheese.

The cow’s milk (which was once used in raw form, and which is today pasteurized) is heated to 32-35 °C. Liquid curd is added. Then it is necessary to wait for a period of between 30 minutes- 1 hour, after which the curd is broken by means of longitudinal cuts at a distance of 4-5 cm. Then follows a pause of about 2 minutes. The next stage is the slight shaking of the curds and another breakage making cuts of between 3-4 cm. Then the cheese is transferred to the moulds, the moulds are then turned over and placed in a cold room at 4 °C.

The particular feature of this cheese being its capacity for actually incorporating the  true characteristics of milk in solid form. This cheese must be eaten the same day of purchase or th next day, in order to enjoy the freshness and taste of fresh milk. The Tomino cheese must melt in the mouth and should therefore be more humid that the more common Primosale with which the authentic Cuneo Tomino must not be confused.

Area of production

Traditionally produced in the Saluzzo area, although today it is often made in many of the dairies of the Cuneo and Torino areas.

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