Salame CON.SA.TI. Cuneo

Salame Cuneo CON.SA.TI.
Salame CON.SA.TI. Cuneo


Salame CON.SA.TI. Cuneo

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Delicatessen product of a cylindrical shape consisting of choice pork, fresh and not frozen (production meat temperatures not below -5° C). Salame Cuneo can comes in sizes ranging from 30 g “bocconcini” to the 3-kg ” rosa lunga”.

Salame Cuneo must be produced exclusively with fresh meat coming from pigs in excellent health condition:

  • born, bred and fattened, in condition of wellbeing according to the law, on farms situated in the Province of Cuneo;
  • fed and bred in observance of the productive regulations adopted by the following regulations of pig production, breeding and feeding;
  • having reached a minimum age of 9 months from birth and weighing no less than 144 kg.
  • slaughtered and perfectly drained of blood on the premises of individual producers and, in any case, a slaughterhouse situated in the Province of Cuneo.

The product is prepared with fresh choice pork, treated with salt, pepper, spices and mulled wine “vin brulé” (an infusion of Barolo and Dolcetto or Nebbiolo or Barbero with garlic, cloves, cinnamon sticks and brought to boil and left to steep until it acquires full flavour) and packed in natural casing in order to exalt its unmistakable flavours through slow and accurate seasoning. Drying and seasoning must be carried out in suitably well-aired places, with the necessary technical equipment, in accordance with climatic and orientation characteristics. The minimum seasoning period varies according to the size of the product.

Area of production

The area includes territory of the Province of Cuneo.


Nature has surely favoured the areas of the Province of Cuneo in a particular and unique way. In fact, only here do we find a highly healthy microclimate which is affected by the fortunate point of contact between the hot and sweet-smelling winds blowing from the nearby Ligurian sea and the air currents coming down from the many mountain valleys, bringing with them the freshness of chestnut woods, beeches and fir trees. Being an essential natural element, this microclimate, in the various phases, from production of the raw material to seasoning, contributes to guaranteeing an unique product.

It is also for this reason that “Salame Cuneo” has a well-established relationship with the environment of the Province of Cuneo, backed by historical references that undoubtedly certify this traditional product, from the type of pig farm, its consistence, and the patient work of selection, which has brought this area to being one of the first on the list of the Italian provinces for the number of pigs bred.

The dual concept “Pig-breeding – typical cold pork production” have characterised delicatessen products of the province for a long time, and has continued throughout the centuries.

Today, the production of “Salame Cuneo” is able to give the consumer guarantee of the old typicality of artisan salami, exalting particular individualities linked with the type of processing, such as flavour and palate agreeableness.

Special preparation and seasoning techniques handed down from one generation to another, top quality meat selections skilfully proportioned by delicatessen masters, guarantee productions that continue to meet approval on national and international markets.

Environmental, livestock, climatic and human factors represent the distinctive, unique and essential elements of this product.

The Consorzio Salumeria Tipica (Con.Sa.Ti.) has been founded with the objective of protecting and giving value to the production of typical Cuneo cold pork products, with office in Via E. Filiberto 3, 12100 Cuneo.