Lardo Cuneo

Lardo Cuneo
Lardo Cuneo


Lardo Cuneo

Seal of quality

Prodotto Agroalimentare Tradizionale (PAT) / Typical food-farming product. Application for PDO recognition under preliminary examination at the MIPAF.


The product presents a rectangular or square aspect because of at least two layers of lard one over the over, weighing from 2 to 4 kg, resistant to touch, bright red-pink lean parts and milk white the fat parts, with slices of a good texture, delicate fragrance, characteristic of the tanning utilised, and with a fragrance of aromatic herbs if used, delicate spiced aroma, not too salty and sometimes agreeably flavoured with herbs, a tasty and fully-flavoured product.

Solely fresh, non-frozen meats can be utilised coming from pigs at least 9 months of age and weighing no less than 144 kg, born and bred in the province of Cuneo , slaughtered and butchered by the single farmers or by a butcher situated in the province of Cuneo. The “Consati” has established special production regulations by which pig farmers have to abide and the pigs of whom are intended for the production of Lardo Cuneo.

For the preparation of this lard, a layer of subcutaneous fat without rind is taken from the back, it is squared then dry-salted by hand with a mixture consisting of salt (from 2.8 to 4.8 kg per 100 kg) and, at times, other ingredients such as pepper, rosemary, thyme, laurel, sugars, herbs and preservatives. The pieces of salted lard are placed in special containers and kept in refrigerators for at least 10 days, after which excess salt and spices are removed. This is then followed by a 6-week aging period at a temperature not exceeding 4 °C.

Area of production

The area includes the territory of the province of Cuneo.


Lardo Cuneo takes its origin from a farming and delicatessen tradition tied to pig breeding and its different used. Lard has always been the basis for popular food, and has been the most important cooking fat for centuries as well as a seasoning accompaniment to many other food products, from meats to chestnuts. This tradition has been confirmed throughout the centuries, even in the province of Cuneo , and has been sustained by connections with the pig-breeding sector for which the province has become leader as regards the number of pigs bred. Pig farming and the production of typical cold meats are two sectors, which have characterised local charcuterie of the Cuneo region, which has grown more and more thanks to the development of its production.

The “Consorzio Salumeria Tipica (CON.SA.TI.)” has been founded in order to protect and to give value to the production of Cuneo ‘s typical cold pork products, with office at the Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo, Via E. filiberto 3, 12100 Cuneo .